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    Product code: OX-UDH10

    • engineered to cut quickly through a variety of materials including asphalt, concrete, and reinforced concrete
    • ultra-hard cutting segments made from a blend of tungsten and diamonds for longer life
    • engineered with grade a synthetic diamonds for a smoother faster cut
    • perfectly balanced for a straight, true and clean cut
    • no overheating, warping or wobbling
    • balanced steel core design
    • 100x stronger than hot pressed sintered blades
    • cooling holes to avoid overheating
  2. Image for OX Professional PU10 Turbo Diamond Blade
    • cuts everything on a construction site
    • cooler cutting and semi-transparent in use
    • cooling holes to reduce blade temperature while cutting, preventing warping and extending blade life
    • 12mm segment height
    • reinforced center plate for safety
    • semi-silent vibration damped
    • superfast turbo technology
    • applications: granite, natural stone, clay products, engineering bricks, metal, concrete products, all building materials
  3. Image for OX Professional PB10 Segmented Diamond Blade - Abrasive
    • 38" segment height for extended blade life
    • segmented turbo rim produces super fast, aggressive, clean cuts
    • cooling holes to reduce blade temperature while cutting, preventing warping and extending blade life
    • will cut wet or dry
    • reinforced center plate helps to reduce vibration while increasing user comfort
    • applications: abrasive building materials, concrete products, roof tiles, blocks, floorsaw concrete and dual concrete/asphalt
  4. Image for OX Trade Diamond Blade - General Purpose / Concrete
    • fast cutting universal/general purpose blade - can do wet or dry cutting on a variety of materials
    • 3/8" segment height for extended blade life
    • cooling holes reduce blade temperature while cutting, preventing warping and extending blade life
    • designed to work with angle grinders, circular saws, power saws, and tile saws
    • applications: building products, general purpose, curbs and slabs, concrete pavers and blocks, roof tiles

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Welcome to Ox, the globe’s leading supplier of innovative and world class diamond tools to the construction industry. Whether you are pursuing the acquisition of a high quality diamond blade, core drill or tile drill, we are confident we have the technology at our disposal to cater to all your needs.

Initially developed back in 1992, our Spectrum diamond tool range is now the globe’s leading innovator of diamond tools technology and has delivered cutting edge products to a multitude of prominent clientele over the past two decades. From an early age, we identified price and performance as the key metrics to customer satisfaction and have since devised a number of ranges that are logical, concise and adherent with all the requirements that a tradesperson would be looking for. With four very clear quality bands and detailed separation of each different diamond blade into material classes, Spectrum has turned a complex product category into a straightforward buying experience. Our four ranges are: Construction diamond blades, specialist diamond blades, core drills and tile drills, all of which are promoted in separate sub ranges in order to provide you with a simple way of locating the optimal solution to your endeavour.

Our entire diamond cut itinerary has been strenuously and meticulously tested on real sites within the construction industry, in order to produce a series of product ranges, which are of the uppermost standards and highest manufacturing quality. Through a process of detailed sourcing, strenuous testing in technically advanced laboratories and comprehensive specifying, our experienced industry specialists have formulated a multitude of superior products which provide users with a superior cutting velocity, performance and lifespan than conventional diamond tools on the market.

As an experienced member of the tool provision industry, we understand the importance of specificity when undertaking construction tasks, and as such we have intentionally diversified our range to ensure that both single-purpose and multi-purpose products are on offer, so that our clientele are amply catered for in all situations. We have also undertaken a series of measures to ensure that all of our products are consistent with our company philosophy of longevity & durability. Amongst these, are the scientific enhancements to products in all our ranges to minimise their chances of succumbing to segment loss, overheating, undercutting and glazing; a recurring complaint levelled at products within the industry.

We have also gone to great lengths to ensure that all of our tools are responsible and safe to use, and have acquired all the necessary certifications of safety to reinforce our commitment to upholding these values. All of our diamond cutting products are compliant with EN 13236, and rest assured that we have only utilised the highest quality raw materials within the manufacturing procedure. We have also made sure that we secured the quality control systems to ISO 9001 and environmental to ISO 14001, so that all of our customers are given official confirmation that our service meets ethical guidelines towards employee safety and environmental care, as well full cover for all products and clientele.

Moreover, all of our tools come with the EN and ‘no hassle guarantee’ logo, as well as a clearly outlined code of practice when utilising the purchased item. In this way, we believe we have guaranteed that all of our customers are provided with an innovative, high quality, and exceedingly safe product that will cut down the amount of time within their construction phase and save them a great deal of money simultaneously. From the hugely popular TX10R to the game-changing new XT2 tile drill, we determinedly release products which are both useful and desirable to individuals everywhere across the globe.

The same innovation to get the job done better, the same quality to never let you down, the same engineering heritage and expertise that you can trust 100%; Rest assured that when you acquire a product from OX, these expected actualities will always be adhered to.